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Beautiful Little Angel.  / Joan Taylor. (None.)
I am so deeply sorry to hear about you losing your little Boy.
My heart and prayer's go out to you.
Jack is watching over you all the time.
And he is waiting for the day when he will see you once again.
When God comes for your hand and leads you to your little Jack.
Then you will be together for ever in God's  Kingdom.
Your Jack will be playing nicely with all of God's little children.
Sweet Little Jack Good Night &  God  Bless You Alway's.
Love &  Lot's Of  Hug's  To All Of Little   Jack's  Family.
From  Joan  Taylor.
If You Would Like To Visit My Cat Tibby Here Is Tibby's Address.
Thank  You  For My  Visit.
Joan Taylor.
my heart breaks for you all in your loss  / ^i^Jacob's Mum (An Angel too )
Dear ^i^Jack's family
I found your link on ^i^Sidney's page I hope you don't mind my visitng your Angel's page
You Jack was such a beautiful child and my heart breaks for you all 
My son Jacob tried to hang on for his Birthday but went to heaven the day before ..I'm so happy that your Jack had his birthday here with you ...I know you miss him with every beat of your hearts
with love from one Angel's mother to another
Jacob's Mum www.caringbridge.org/me/jacob
Our Aussie Angel flying high on eagle wings
Missing you on your birthday...  / Lena Court (Your ever loving Mummy. XXX )  Read >>
Missing you on your birthday...  / Lena Court (Your ever loving Mummy. XXX )

Your Birthday.

Did you think I might forget,
Because you are no longer here?
Never, ever think that,
I'll never miss a year.

I cannot send a card now,
That priviledge has gone.
But the loving never stops,
That goes on and on.

Always on your birthday
There is someone that will remember,
It will always be a special day
And not a dying ember.

A Special Son

People try to help me,
Everyone is so kind,
But no matter what they say to me,
I always seem to find..

They look at me with sympathy,
In a caring sort of way,
I thank them and attempt to smile,
Then as I walk away..

The tears start welling up again,
Every time it is the same,
I simply fall to pieces,
At the mention of your name.

I wish I could go back in time,
And live it all again,
I seem to spend each waking hour,
Just remembering when..

You were here to share this life,
And everything was fine,
With you, it seems I had it all,
The entire world was mine.

I know that you're in Heaven now,
And my heart is filled with pain,
But God will take care of you,
Until we meet again.

I'll bring your flowers in the morning, I'll bring 10 candles too, send the breeze to blow them out as I sit and dream of you.

I cannot describe the emptiness inside, I cannot believe you went away 5 years ago on Sunday, time cannot erase my pain, neither can it be eased.
I close my eyes and I see you, I want so much to reach out and hold you in my arms.  Have a wonderful Birthday weekend, both your Earthly birthday tomorrow and your Heavenly birthday on Sunday.  Rejoice, laugh, sing and play freely with all the Angels, Forevermore.

"To infinity....and beyond!"

My undying love.


My special big brother  / Charlie Ford (Your little shadow )  Read >>
My special big brother  / Charlie Ford (Your little shadow )

If I couldn't do it,
You'd show me the way,
You'd know if I was worried,
I didn't have to say.

You'd just give me that knowing look,
And I'd know that you had guessed,
Everything was better then,
You'd see to the rest.

I haven't got that anymore,
There'll never be another,
Who could ever fit the bill,
That you filled as my brother.

You were here to share this life,
And everything was fine,
With you it seemed I had it all,
The entire world was mine.

I don't know why it had to end,
I'll never understand,
I wanted to hold on to you,
But you let go of my hand.

There must have been a reason,
Maybe one day you'll explain,
When God decides that it's time for us
To be together again.

happy birthday for tomorrow Jack,
I love and miss you so much, Love always and forever, Charlie. XXXXX

As your birthday approaches...  / Lena Court (Ever loving Mum )  Read >>
As your birthday approaches...  / Lena Court (Ever loving Mum )
My beautiful boy,  my heart is heavy and I'm feeling weak,
It seems like yesterday,
Yet as this weekend approaches, 
It's five years since you went away.

Saturday would be the day of partying and fun, 
presents, candles on your cake to share with everyone.
But as Saturday draws further near I cannot bare the pain,
It's not a party that I've planned for you...
I never can again.

I will visit your grave on Saturday, I'll bring balloons and flowers.
I will sit on the grass and remember the past
And be thankful for every hour.

For the five precious years you gave to me,
taught me more than you'll ever believe,
You taught me to love, the deepest love
And that it's ok to grieve.

As your birthday approaches,
I'm sitting here writing this,
I'm watching the sun shining into my window,
And I'm blowing you a kiss.

The gentle breeze in the trees outside,
will carry this kiss up above,
With this specail kiss for you,
Comes my undying love.

Sunday is the anniversary of the day you went away,
But with love as strong as mine,
In my heart you will always stay.

God bless you my Angel, today, tomorrow, "to infinity....  and beyond!"
Something Special  / Traci Barnai (mommy 2 vanessa )  Read >>
Something Special  / Traci Barnai (mommy 2 vanessa )

Hey Lil man this mickey is just 4 you,

Great website for Jack  / Lou/grandmother To Josh Dailey (NB SUpport Group )  Read >>
Great website for Jack  / Lou/grandmother To Josh Dailey (NB SUpport Group )
I am so happy you made this page for Jack.I do want to come back & read more about his journey. I am so SORRY he lost his battle so early in his life.
I know God has aplan for you........ your post was so uplifting today on the list.
Stay Strong , I think Jack will  on you for helping someone else that's walking in the path that he walk. (you know he is happy)
Faith, NB HOPE for a cure.
Lou/grandmother to Josh (15)
dx.NBIV 6/01-remission 4/02

Our condolences  / Connie Mccormick   Read >>
Our condolences  / Connie Mccormick
I was brought to your site via Christopher Ramsey's caringbridge site.  We know all too well how difficult it is to lose a child.  Our beautiful grandson of only 18 months, Ryan McCormick, passed away on 4/26/07 also from NB.  This disease is a beast!  Our prayers are with your family.  Connie McCormick (Angel Ryan's proud gramdmother) Close
Thank you Jack  / Lena Court (Mum)  Read >>
Thank you Jack  / Lena Court (Mum)
My beautiful boy, I asked you "watch over Francesca, send her your strength and courage as she faces her Leukaemia demons once again. Wrap your angel wings around her and keep her safe. "

You answered, you have given her the strength to beat her demons, her bone marrow is clear and she does not need a transplant, she went home and had a wonderful birthday party.

Please continue to look over Fran, I know you will.  Keep her safe and give her all the strength she needs to rid her blood of Leukeamia forever.

She will always hold a place in her heart for you, as we all do.  You are our special Angel and we love you so much.

Thank you for always being with us Jack.

Love, always and forever, Mummy. XXXXXXXXXX
God's Lent Child  / Lena (Mum)  Read >>
God's Lent Child  / Lena (Mum)

God's Lent Child
I'll lend you for a little while a child of mine, God said,
For you to love him while he lives, and mourn for when he's dead.
It may be one or two years,
or twenty-two or three;
But will you, till I call him back, take good care of him for me?
He'll bring his charms to gladden you, and should his stay be brief,
You'll have the lovely memories as a solace for your grief.
I cannot promise he will stay, since all from earth return;
But there are lessons taught below I want this child to learn.
I've searched the whole world over, for teachers kind and true;
And from the throngs that crowd life's lane I have chosen you...
Now will you give him all your love? Nor think the labour pain?
Nor hate me should the angels call, to take this child back again?
To which the parents did reply...
Dear Lord, Thy will be done.
For all the joys thy child will bring, the risk of grief we'll run.
We'll shelter him with tenderness,
We'll love him while we may...
for all the love this child will bring,
forever grateful we will stay.
But should the Angels call for him,
much sooner than we've planned,
We'll brave the bitter grief that comes,
and try to understand.

In an Angel's Castle  / Lena (Mum)  Read >>
In an Angel's Castle  / Lena (Mum)

In an angel’s castle, just beyond my eye
My Son plays with angel toys that money cannot buy.
Who am I to wish him back into this world of strife?
No, play on my precious boy, you have eternal life.
At night when all is silent and sleep forsakes my eyes,
I'll hear his gentle footsteps coming to my side.
His little hands caress me so tenderly and sweet,
I'll breathe a prayer and close my eyes and embrace him in my sleep.
Now I have a treasure I rate above all other,
I have known true glory - I am still his mother
Why do our Angels have to leave us  / Diana Bernard (read story )  Read >>
Why do our Angels have to leave us  / Diana Bernard (read story )

Dear Lena,
Thank you for visiting Sydney's site. I came to Jack's and what a precious Angel you have. I am so sorry for you having to endure this kind of pain and every parent that also has to go through this. Yes they have no more pain that is a blessing. These Angels taught me to be strong, if they can go through what they did and still able to smile then I can do this for them.
If you ever need to talk or up late and want to write please feel free. I am always checking. 
God Bless you and your family and I pray for you. 
Mom of Angel Sydney Marie Bernard
www.carepages.com  sydneysjourney

Diana Bernard

Why? / Lena Court (Mummy)  Read >>
Why? / Lena Court (Mummy)

Why must my heart keep grieving,

Why do I feel so alone?

Why did you take my loved one God,

Why couldn't he stay at home?

Why did he have to feel pain,

Why did he have to die?

Why can't I go to sleep at night,

Why do I have to cry?

'My child,' said God, 'please understand,

I know your grief runs deep,

I've heard your many questions

In your prayers before you sleep;

I promised all eternity,

No death shall shadow you,

Your loved ones dwell with me above,

Up in those skies so blue.

They live with me in Heaven,

This place is their real home,

Their time on earth was through,

They learned to love, I called them home.

Your loved one is an Angel now,

Watching closely over thee,

There is no fear or pain up here,

Their soul is roaming free.

I let your loved one visit you

As you lie down in your bed,

He holds your hand and helps you pray

And gently strokes your head.

So please stop asking why he left

And dry your weary eyes,

For he is safe from harm on earth

With me, in the Heavenly skies.'

By Dawn Glenton

http://www.dawnsangelpoetry.homestead.com/index.html Close
My beautiful Angel  / Lena Court (Mummy)  Read >>
My beautiful Angel  / Lena Court (Mummy)
Some-one, who is where we were nearly 5 years ago, asked a question today.

"How do I decide when his quality of life is so poor we might as well let him die? How am I as a mom ever to make that decision?????"

My darling Jack, I had to make that decision and it still haunts me now.

The hardest part of all of this was accepting you were dying and then having to let you go. I couldn't bare the thought of you being incapacitated. You were a free spirit from the start. Nothing kept you down. You fought long and hard against the demon that is Neuroblastoma. You didn't want to give in to it. Being restrained by the disease would have destroyed Your soul. You loved life and loved to be active and mobile. At the point where we were told more treatment would take that away from you, we knew it was time to let you be truelly free. Your disease returned with a vengance. It took hold of you very quickly indeed. At the end of August we were on the beach in Devon, you played in the sea with Charlie, we have such beautiful photo's and memories from the weeks before you left.  You only recieved copious amounts of Morphine for your pain and you had a big tank of oxygen to help you breathe. Slowly, but without pain, your little body began to fail. Your last days were peaceful, you slept and drifted away in your sleep.

It was hard. I have and I still do question if I did the right thing. Should I have put you through more? Should I have hung on to you and not let you go? But I always come to the same conclusion. You were too good for this world, your path of life was short. You brought love and strength to all you met and taught us all so much. You did all you came to do and no matter how long I tried to hold you for, my arms were not as strong as God's. He wanted to take you home. Only He could take away your pain. No matter how long it took, the end would have been the same, you were meant to be in Heaven. If I'd have fought to keep you longer, knowing the end result would still be the same, I would have put you through so much more pain and heartache and I felt that was selfish of me. I had to let you go so your pain would end and you would be free from those demons forever.

It is the hardest decision in the world. You try do what is right for your child. No-one can tell you what to do, everyone is different. I don't know if what I did was right or wrong, I just know that you are OK now, no more pain and suffering, free to play with all the angels forever.   I hope you understand why I let you go, although truely, I have never let you go, you are with me always in my heart.

I love you so much, my beautiful boy.  I think of you always, watch over Francesca, she still talks about you and says that she was meant to marry you, send her your strength and courage as she faces her Leukaemia demons once again.  Wrap your angel wings around her and keep her safe.

Please tell your Nanny that Charlie misses her so much now she has joined you and send strength to him and your Daddy and Grandad as they try to cope without her.

Sending you all my love as always.  Big kisses & cuddles from everyone here.  


xxxxxxxx / Jenny Craig (Passer-by)  Read >>
xxxxxxxx / Jenny Craig (Passer-by)

Thank you for sharing your beautiful son Jack with us all here with our own broken hearts, but nevertheless we are all here.  Jack is so beautiful - the photograph no. 4 of him on the bath has to be one of the most fabulous smiles and happy faces I have ever seen.  I am so, so sorry for the loss of your beautiful, smiling boy.  My heart goes out to you. Jenny x

You & your precious angel are in heart & prayers always  / Jeralyn Mom To Angel Darrell Gillis   Read >>
You & your precious angel are in heart & prayers always  / Jeralyn Mom To Angel Darrell Gillis

Speak from your heart so your angel may hear you. Be still so that you may feel your angel's presence around you.

A Sure and Beautiful Hope  / DI Gordon   Read >>
A Sure and Beautiful Hope  / DI Gordon
My sincere condolences for your loss of little Jack and so very sorry for the sorrow you are going through.  Though with you for a short time he certainly left you with a lot of love and happy memories especially that "big hug".  I wanted to share with you words of comfort and encouragement I received when I lost my young son for I know how it continues to give me a beautiful and sure hope for the future.  For example there is a scripture in Revelation 21:4 that I found interesting.  It reads:  "And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore.  The former things have passed away."  Now death does not occur in heaven so this promise is for the earth.  Can you imagine death itself passing away!   Verse 5 goes on to say, "And the One seated on the throne said:  Look!  I am making all things new."  Also, he says:  "Write because these words are faithful and true."    It gives us the expectation of a bright and beautiful future when we will be with our loved ones again.  That is why Psalm 37:29 reads, "The righteous themselves will possess the earth, And they will reside forever upon it."   This is why Jesus said in John 5:28.  "Do not marvel at this, the hour is coming in which all those in their memorial tombs will hear his voice and come out."  What a thrill to look forward to..to have little Jack run to you with outstretched arms!  For now your happy times with Jack will be cherished. There is a free brochure 'When Someone You Love Dies'  that's a great help both in practical and spiritual ways.  In fact it begins with the true story of parents who had a loss like yours.  It shows how to deal with our grief  and how to help others as well. You will receive comfort from this information as I have.  It is free from  any one of Jehovah's Witnesses you may come in contact with or call a local Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses.  May God's comfort, loving-kindness and holy spirit be with you. Close
sorry for your loss  / Jeanette Nan To Angel Dylan Mason (none)  Read >>
sorry for your loss  / Jeanette Nan To Angel Dylan Mason (none)
i have just read about jack and my heart goes out to you all we to lost a grandson to cancer he had acute myloid lukemia at the age of 10 months and past away 5 days after is 2 birthday i hope that jack as got to be friends with dylan in heven he was such a loving littleman my first granchild and i miss him every single day and night we to have got a website for dylan if you wood like to viset it. when we lost dylan we became a regesterd charity for children with cancer as we dont wont any one els to sufer like we did if you read his story that is mummy did you will under stand wot i mean. all my love sent to jack and dylan xxxxxxxx Close
I am so sorry  / Elaine-Angel Mom Of Jessica Hess (Angel Mom/passer by )  Read >>
I am so sorry  / Elaine-Angel Mom Of Jessica Hess (Angel Mom/passer by )
Reading about your sweet, baby angel, Jack, it was like I was revisiting the life of my daughter, Jessica Hess.  It was almost likeit was a mirror! I wish I could hug you.  You are a very strong Mom and I pray for your healing and strength to walk this path we are walking. Please know that i am here for you anytime!
Elaine Frisk
your beautifull jack  / Catherine Costello Steven,s Mum (none)  Read >>
your beautifull jack  / Catherine Costello Steven,s Mum (none)
I am so sorry for the loss of your beautifull son  Iknow what you are going through i lost my son steven on 31/8/2004 to a brain tumor i pray that god will comfort you now you are in my prayers Close
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