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Such a brave mom  / Abbey (Mommy to angel Eldrich )
No words can describe what you went thru during those trying times.  Only God knows why Jack has to go thru those pain.  Looking back now, I know as a mom, its better for Jack to rest then, than to go on with his sufferings.  And I'm glad that you have a little girl to look after now.  Bravo! To one brave mom! I'm going thru the process of healing also right now, feel free to visit my boy at http://eldrich-byel-ancheta.memory-of.com
Just For You  / Traci Barnai (mommy 2 angel vanessa )

I am so sorry  / Traci Barnai (mommy 2 angel vanessa )  Read >>
I am so sorry  / Traci Barnai (mommy 2 angel vanessa )
I am so sorry for the loss of your precious son, I know the pain and heartache you feel, I lost my precious baby girl Vanessa Faith in june/06 and my heart aches every day for her as yours does for your little angel Jack, I pray that our angels are together playing, laughing having fun in the heavens above watching over us knowing how we wish they were here with us today,they will be forever in our hearts something we can treasure and no one can take that away,you and your family will be in my prayers and I pray that someday are hearts may find some comfort,God Bless.
Sincerley Traci
Mommy 2 an angel

Please feel free 2 visit my precious angel Vanessa anytime www.vanessa-barnai.memory-of.com sendin love and hugs 2 u and ur family!!!!

For your sweet Jack.  / Denise-mom Of Angel Nathanial Pannell   Read >>
For your sweet Jack.  / Denise-mom Of Angel Nathanial Pannell
Your precious little Jack  / Jane Eisele (forum friend )  Read >>
Your precious little Jack  / Jane Eisele (forum friend )
I'm so very sorry for the loss of your precious little son. He will continue to be a joy to you even from Heaven. A little one as beautiful, as brave and as precious as he is will never be forgotten.

I will pray that God sends you comfort in your sorrow. May he send his angels to give your heart peace.

Love, hugs, prayers,
Jane Close
For Jack's Family  / Irena Hill (Nanny to angel Kayleigh Erceg )  Read >>
For Jack's Family  / Irena Hill (Nanny to angel Kayleigh Erceg )



There is a special Angel in Heaven
that is a part of me.
It is not where I wanted him
but where God wanted him to be. 

He was here but just a moment
like a night time shooting star.
And though he is in Heaven
he isn't very far. 

He touched the heart of many
like only an Angel can do.
I would've held him every minute
if the end I only knew.

So I send this special message
to the Heavens up above.
Please take care of my Angel
and send him all my love.

I am so sorry for your loss
what a handsome
brave littler man
I hope that the good memories
you have of Jack
out weigh the bad
hugs for you all

Dear Mr Postman,can you send a letter from me,
I need it sent from up above to my earthly family
Please send it quick, my mummy's sad, I hate to see her cry.
Every night she prays to God and sadly asks him why.

Please let it say, I could not stay, with an Angel I had to go
I'm fine, I'm happyhere with the other babies I know
I hope it reads to Daddy, I know you love me too
I miss you lots and all the things that we had planned to do.

Grandma, how I'll miss your hugs and kisses planned for me
I know how much you'll miss the growing child that I should be
Close it with, I love you so, I'm with you in your heart
I never really left you see, I was an angel from the start.


Thinking of you and your beautiful angel Jack  / Gloria Darst Mommy 2. Angel Austin Darst (visitor)  Read >>
Thinking of you and your beautiful angel Jack  / Gloria Darst Mommy 2. Angel Austin Darst (visitor)
Im very sorry to hear about your loss! I lost my son Austin at the age of 7 to IV neuroblastoma. Words can not express the anger I feel when I hear about our precious children diagnosed with cancer. It has been a year for us on June 10 and I miss him so much! Please know your family will be in my prayers and in my heart.

So Very Sorry for Your Loss  / Melissa Eiler (Visitor~Daughter of Irwin & Renee Eiler )  Read >>
So Very Sorry for Your Loss  / Melissa Eiler (Visitor~Daughter of Irwin & Renee Eiler )

Some more poems I found...  / Lena Court (MUM)  Read >>
Some more poems I found...  / Lena Court (MUM)

His Journey's Just Begun

Don't think of him as gone away, his journey's just begun
life holds so many facets this earth is only one.
Just think of him as resting, from the sorrows and the tears
in a place of warmth and comfort where there are no days and years.
Think how he must be wishing that we could know today
how nothing but our sadness can really pass away.
And think of him as living in the hearts of those he touched
for nothing loved is ever lost and he was loved so much.

A Special Angel

There's a special angel in Heaven,
That is a part of me.
It is not where I wanted hir,
But where God wanted him to be.
He was here just a moment,
Like a night time shooting star.
And though he is in Heaven
He isn't very far.
He touched the hearts of many,
Like only an angel can do.
I would've held him every minute,
If the end I only knew.
So I send this special message,
To Heaven up above.
Please take care of my angel,
And send him all my love!

Author Unknown

I'm Still Here
Mother, please don't mourn for me
I'm still here, though you don't see
I'm right by your side each night and day
And within your heart I long to stay
My body is gone but I'm always near
I'm everything you feel, see or hear
My spirit is free, but I'll never depart
As long as you keep me alive in your heart
I'll never wander out of your sight
I'm the brightest star on a summer night
I'll never be beyond your reach
I'm the warm moist sand when you're at the beach
I'm the colorful leaves when fall comes around
And the pure white snow that blankets the ground
I'm the beautiful flowers of which you're so fond
The clear cool water in a quiet pond
I'm the first bright blossom you'll see in the spring
The first warm raindrop that April will bring
I'm the first ray of light when the sun starts to shine
And you'll see that the face in the moon is mine
When you start thinking there's no one to love you
You can talk to me through the Lord above you
I'll whisper my answer through the leaves on the trees
And you'll feel my presence in the soft summer breeze
I'm the hot salty tears that flow when you weep
And the beautiful dreams that come while you sleep
I'm the smile you see on a baby's face
Just look for me, Mother, I'm everyplace!

Author Unknown~

I Lost My Child Today 

I lost my child today
People came to weep and cry
As I just sat and stared, dry eyed
They struggled to find words to say
To try and make the pain go away
I walked the floor in disbelief
I lost my child today.

I lost my child last month
Most of the people went away
Some still call and some still stay
I wait to wake up from this dream
This can't be real, I want to scream
Yet everything is locked inside
God, help me, I want to die
I lost my child last month.

I lost my child last year
Now people who had came, have gone
I sit and struggle all day long
To bear the pain so deep inside
And now my friends just question Why?
Why does this mother not move on?
Just sits and sings the same old song
Good heavens, it has been so long
I lost my child last year.

Time has not moved on for me
The numbness it has disappeared
My eyes have now cried many tears
I see the look upon your face
"She must move on and leave this place"
Yet I am trapped right here in time
The songs the same, as is the rhyme
I lost my child.........Today

To Be With You Again

We think of you in silence

And often speak your name

But all that's left to answer

Is your picture in a frame.

If we could have one lifetime wish

One dream that would come true

We would pray to God with all our hearts

For yesterday and you.

If memories make a stairway

And heartaches make a lane

We would walk our way to Heaven

To Be With You Again!

-Author Unknown-

Only The Best

A heart of gold stopped beating
Two shining eyes at rest
God broke our hearts to prove
He only takes the best.

God knows you had to leave us
But you did not go alone
For part of us went with you
The day he took you home.

To some you are forgotten
To others just part of the past
But to us who loved and lost you
The memory will always last


Don't Tell Me 

Don't tell me that you understand
Don't tell me that you know
Don't tell me that I will survive
How I will surely grow
Don't tell me this is just a test
Apart from all the rest
Don't come at me with answers
That can only come from me
Don't tell me how my grief will pass
That I will soon be free
Don't stand in pious judgment
Of the bonds I must untie
Don't tell me how to suffer
Don't tell me how to cry
My life is filled with selfishness
My pain is all I see
But I need you
I need your love, unconditionally
Accept me in my ups and downs
I need someone to share
Just hold my hand and let me cry
And say,
"My friend, I really do care"

My Mom Is A Survivor 

My Mom is a survivor
Or so I've heard it said
But I can hear her crying at night
When all others are in bed
I watch her lay awake at night
And go to hold her hand
She doesn't know I'm with her
To help her understand
But like the sands on the beach
That never wash away
I watch over my surviving Mom
Who thinks of me each day
She wears a smile for others
A smile of disguise!
But through Heaven's door I see
Tears flowing from her eyes
My Mom tries to cope with death
To keep my memory alive
But anyone who knows her knows
It is her way to survive

As I watch over my surviving Mom
Through Heaven's open door
I try to tell her that angels
Protect me forevermore
I know that doesn't help her
Or ease the burden she bears
So if you get a chance go visit her
And show her that you care
For no matter what she says
No matter what she feels
My surviving Mom has a broken heart
That time won't ever heal

By Kaye Des'Ormeaux October 15, 1998
Dedicated to the Mothers who have lost a child & have somehow survived

When Tomorrow Starts Without Me 

When tomorrow starts without me and I'm not there to see 
If the sun should rise and find you are filled with tears for me
I wish so much you wouldn't cry the way you did today
While thinking of the many things we didn't get to say
I know how much you love me as much as I love you
And each time you think of me I know you'll miss me too
But when tomorrow starts without me please try and understand
That the Angel came and called my name and took me by the hand
He said my place was ready in Heaven far above
And that I'd have to leave behind all those I dearly love
But as I turned to walk away a tear fell from my eye
For all my life I'd always thought I didn't want to die
I had so much to live for and so much yet to do
It seemed almost impossible that I was leaving you
I thought of all the yesterdays the good ones and the bad
I thought of all the love we shared and all the fun we had
If I could relive yesterday I thought for just a while
I'd say good-bye and kiss you and maybe see you smile
But then I fully realized that this could never be
For emptiness and memories would take the place of me
And when I thought of worldly things that I'd miss come tomorrow
I thought of you and when I did my heart was filled with sorrow
But when I walked through Heaven's gate I felt so much at home
Then God looked down and smiled at me from his golden throne
He said "This is eternity and all I've promised you
Today for life has passed but here it starts anew
I promise no tomorrow for today will always last
And since each day's the same there's not longing for the past
But you have been so faithful so trusting and so true
Thought there were times you did some things
You knew you shouldn't do
Yet you have been forgiven and now at last you're free
Now won't you take my hand and share my life with me?"
So when tomorrow starts without me don't think we're far apart
For every time you think of me I'm still there..within your heart

~Author Unknow~

A Million Times

A million times we've needed you
A million times we've cried
If love alone could've saved you
You would have never died
In life we loved you dearly
In death we love you still
In our hearts you hold a place
No one else could ever fill
It broke our hearts to lose you
But you didn't go alone
Part of us went with you
The day God took you home.
To My Nephew & Godson  / Martyn Wade (Uncle)  Read >>
To My Nephew & Godson  / Martyn Wade (Uncle)
Dear Jack

Words cannot describe how wonderful it is to know you.

Or how much I admire you, for fighting demons that I cannot begin to imagine. How you packed more into your first five years than most people manage in fifty. How your presence is always with me, even though you no longer pester me to let you play games on my computer.

My computer is here now, ready for you if you want to play. Or we could play football if you like; just let me know.

You are the only perfect human being I have ever had the joy to meet. Your intellect and wisdom are beyond your years and your smile and the love you bestow and inspire in others is beyond comparison.

I know you are looking after Charlie, Olivia and your Mummy. I know they speak to you often and that you always listen and help them where you can. There will always be a loving bond between the four of you. You cannot truly miss someone who is always there and you will never leave their hearts.
I Love You Jack, more than you will ever know and I always will. I look forward to seeing you soon - I'll bring the chocolate buttons.

Lots of Love Always

Uncle Martyn

PS Tigger says Hi
Some poems I wrote whilst Jack was ill.  / Lena Court (Mum)  Read >>
Some poems I wrote whilst Jack was ill.  / Lena Court (Mum)
Jack’s story

After years of trying,
Being told it would not be,
God decided to be kind
And sent an Angel to me.

Jack was all we wanted,
Our perfect little boy,
Our precious little miracle,
To fill our hearts with joy.

Two years on Charlie came,
We were blessed again,
Now we had two Angels,
Two perfect little men.

They adored each other,
Two healthy little brothers,
Loved by all who met them,
Family, friends & others.

Another year went by,
Until our Jack turned three,
Our world was plunged to darkness,
His good health was not to be.

Charlie turned one on Tuesday,
Jack was very sick,
On the Friday afternoon,
He went to hospital, quick.

On Sunday he moved to Leicester,
The Royal Infirmary,
The prospects for the future,
Filled with uncertainty.

On Tuesday the sky fell down,
Our hearts were crushed & torn,
Our Angel had a terrible disease,
Since the day that he was born.

Growing inside him a tumour
And Cancer in his bones,
Yet he still looked perfect,
Speaking in happy cheerful tones.

I Knew Angels were only lent,
But to God I prayed,
That Jack stayed with us forever,
I prayed & prayed & prayed.

Nearly two years had passed,
Jack had done so well,
Whether he was in remission,
His consultant couldn’t tell.

Charlie had his brother,
We had our little men,
Together for a while
And happy once again.

But little did we know,
Jacks path of life was short,
He was an Angel only lent,
Just as I first thought.

Spread your wings now baby,
Fly home to loving arms,
Be at peace & without pain
And come to no more harm.

We will always love you,
We will never part,
For I know for certain,
You will live on in our hearts.

God bless you baby & keep you in his love. 

To Charlie

Charlie I know
Things seem so wrong
One day we’re here,
The next we are gone.
I know that you miss me
And it breaks my heart,
For I miss you so much
When we’re apart.
Your brother is poorly,
You’re too young to know
Exactly what’s wrong
And why we must go.
Each night we’re apart
I blow you a kiss,
I say “Goodnight, sweetheart,
Sweet dreams and God bless.” 

When it’s all over
It may take all year,
I’ll make it up to you,
I’ll always be here.
I love you so much,
My beautiful boy,
Your smiles when I see you
Bring me such joy.
Please, forgive me my angel
For being away,
And always remember,
My love’s here to stay 

I’ve often been asked
If my faith is in question,
With all that is happening
To these innocent children.
The beautiful faces,
So fair and so pure,
Troubled by cancer,
I have faith, I’m sure.
For what else sees them
Through all of their pain,
And makes them all happy
And healthy again? 
God takes their weight
And carries them through,
They will grow older,
Like me and you.
But if He decides
They have too much to bear,
He’ll take them to heaven
And look after them there. 

To Jack
I watch you playing
Without a care,
It’s hard to believe
The cancer is there.
You look so bright,
So happy and well,
If someone new met you
They couldn’t tell.
Your strength is amazing,
Your courage so strong,
You’ve fought this disease
So well for so long.
It’s from your strength
That I draw mine,
I know you’ll come through this,
It’ll just take time. Carry on smiling,
I will too,
Through the hard times
I’ll carry you.
You are my world,
The air that I breathe,
I know in my heart
You’ll never leave.
Keep strong my love,
The battle has begun,
But with your strength
It will be won. 

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